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Unified Team

Our instructors are among the most highly trained, professional educators with TOP International training agencies such as UTD, NAUI, IANTD and DAN. Having gone through more than one training agency, our instructors are able to incorporate a wide variety of skills, knowledge and teaching methods into the class to ensure students get the most out of each class. You can be sure your training will be among the most comprehensive.

We are your mentor to your diving experience and career growth. We listen to your diving needs, interests and make recommendation on courses that suit your needs or provide you with advices on equipment selection and purchase. This is to ensure that the equipment you purchase is consistent throughout your recreational training. By having equipment that is consistent, your equipment will grow with you when you want to take up diving as a career or be a technical diver.

Chew Poh Chang

Diving Career and Experience
Chew Poh Chang has been diving since 1991.  His passion for diving saw him progress from a recreational diver to Instructor and Course Director with NAUI. 

His drive to continue his education and seeking new skills and knowledge to explore beyond recreational limits led him to cross over to IANTD in 1998 and gradually progressed to Technical Instructor level with both IANTD and NAUI Tech.

Poh Chang has been teaching for more than 14 years and has trained recreational divers, technical divers, instructors and instructor trainers.  He is an instructor with NAUI, IANTD, DAN and now, UTD.  His key focus is to provide safe and quality training, actively promoting UTD/Hogarthian/NTEC philosophies and encourages divers to be a "thinking diver".

His diving has mainly been in exploring the deep wrecks in South China Sea, spectacular wall diving in Celebes Seas and atolls of the India Ocean around Asia Pacific region. In his leisure time, Poh Chang has developed a new passion, that is to cruise through the wrecks with his underwater scooter and documenting the wonders of underwater world with his video camera.

Diving Qualification
UTD Instructor #18
NAUI Course Director and Technical Instructor #CD-17505
NAUI First Aid/CPR/AED/Oxygen Instructor
NAUI DPV Instructor (X-Scooter)
IANTD Technical Instructor #2500
IANTD Trimix Diver
DAN Oxygen Instructor #L2-0168

Diving Interests
Poh Chang is an avid underwater photographer and videographer.  When he is not teaching, you will see him in the water with his camera taking photographs and videos for his gallery.  He is particularly attracted to deep wrecks as they give him a sense of mystery.  Now he enjoys traveling and sharing UTD skills and knowledge to anyone around the world.


Dawn Tan

Dawn has always loved an active lifestyle and trying out of new sports. From jogging, kickboxing to rollerblading, none has managed to make her fall in love with though she still occasionally does it. In year 2005, Dawn decided to go underwater and took up the Open Water Diver course. Since the day she had been certified, she was mesmerized and her thoughts has been all images of the underwater beauty. She fell deeply in love with the other part of the world.

Diving Career and Experience
Dawn Tan only started diving in 2005.  Her love for the underwater grew into passion where she urges herself to pursue more knowledge. She completed the Advanced Scuba Diver, Stress & Rescue, Master Scuba Diver, Deep Diver, Enriched Air Nitrox and Advanced Air Nitrox over a span of 2 years.
Still eager to learn, the next step she took was to move on to a more responsible role - being a Divemaster. She feels that it is a totally different aspect of learning diving. Dawn loves teaching and wants to share what she knows with people who are curious with the underwater. In 2007 she was certified as an instructor. She is very motivated when she sees her divers complete the course and enjoyed the diving experience and wants to move on to the next level.

Diving Qualification
NAUI Instructor #48330
NAUI First Aid & CPR Instructor
DAN Oxygen Provider #08518

Diving Interests
Dawn has been very blessed with diving trips and equipment. She was given an underwater scooter as a Christmas present in 2007 and has since started to cruise with her lifetime buddy during their leisure trips. Her current focus is to advance into the technical realm of diving, exploring the deeper ocean. Whenever the opportunity arises, she will grab her camera to practice and improve on her underwater photography skills.

Life Sciences (Educator)