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Why Dive with Us

Why dive with Rainbow Reef Unified Team?

  • 100% safety record - We are Singapore’s Dive Professional Education training facility from recreational to technical diving to Instructor Trainer since 1994.

  • Your safety and learning is our top most priority. Our classes are NOT quick and simply “to get you certified”.  The training includes 2 day pool sessions and not 2 evening pool sessions for basic recreational diver.  Our aim is to produce competent, confident, comfortable, safe and thinking divers, ready and able to pursue a lifetime of adventure at the world’s most exotic destinations.

  • Highly trained professional Instructors - Our instructors are among the most highly trained, professional educators with TOP International training agencies such as UTD, NAUI, IANTD and DAN.  Having gone through training with more than one training agencies, our instructors are able to incorporate a wide variety of skills, knowledge and teaching methods into the class to ensure students get the most out of each class.  You can be sure your training will be among the most comprehensive around.

  • Our student to Instructor ratio is kept at 4:1 to maximize student learning and safety.  Although industry standards allow us to take up to 10 students per class we choose to keep the ratio low to ensure the students receive personalize attention from our Instructors.  Some of our students have requested for private 1-1 coaching too.

  • Video debrief.  In all of our classes we videotape your skills in the pool, and we critique the footage with you after each teaching session. This way all of our students will receive close personal attention with the highest possible quality of instruction.

  • Quality diving equipment.  As the diving equipment evolve so does ours. Increasing number of recreational divers these days are using backplate with long hose.  We have full set of AGIR backplate and wing (quality manufactured from Sweden) instead of the traditional Jacket style equipment for training. The regulators we are using are configured according to Hogarthian configuration and you will be taught how to share air using a Hogarthian configuration and normal recreational configuration.  This means that you will be trained to use this quality equipment when you start to learn diving with us. This quality equipment is similar to that use by our diving Instructors too.

  • Fun diving adventure.  We organize diving activities to the most exotic destinations on the planet.  Our community website makes it easy for you to connect with like-minded divers all over the world, exchange stories, photos and videos, and share your passion for the underwater world.

  • We are a team.  Regardless of your current certification or where you been trained (PADI, NAUI, SSI, IANTD, ANDI, TDI, SDI, BSAC, CMAS, etc), our classes guide you to the next level of diving, whether it's open water, deep, caves, or wrecks.  In the water we train as a team and explore as a team. The classes you take will foster life-long diving friendships and partnerships with fellow divers and our Rainbow Reef Unified Team.

  • We are your mentor - for your diving experience and career growth.  We listen to your diving needs, interests and make recommendation on courses that suit your needs or provide you with advices on equipment selection and purchase.  This is to ensure that the equipment you purchased is consistent throughout your recreational training and be able to grow with you when you want to take up diving as a career or be a technical diver.

  • Comfortable training facilities.  Our classroom and exclusive private pool with café offer you comfortable and cozy learning environment.

Finally we believe that prepared diver is a “thinking diver”, one who’s keen sense of self, team members, environment, and equipment enables him or her to reach full diving potential while understanding and preventing situational hazards. This advanced skill level is realized through our International innovative course structure, state of the art teaching methods, comprehensive student education materials, online learning center and classroom (Online classroom), together with our rigorous teaching standards. This certification process is an inclusive approach that is accessible to all in the diving community while maintaining UTD/Hogarthian compliance.


How do I sign up
Step 1:  Enrolment

  • Register and payment of deposit at least 2-3 weeks prior to class start date at Rainbow Reef Unified Team Center
  • Bring or send a color photograph for your certification card to us by email.
  • Upon enrolment, student will received a diving textbook and dive table for self study which we will inform you before the start of the classroom session.

Step 2:  Theory
             The classroom session will be held over 3 evenings at our              Rainbow Reef Unified Team Center.

Step 3:  Pool Session
             The Pool session will be conducted at our private pool on              Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm (12pm–1pm lunchtime)

Step 4:  Openwater evaluation
            The Openwater evaluation will be conducted in Malaysia